Efficient Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient flow of goods & services, and related information between the point of origin to the point of consumption and strive to meet customer’s requirements.


Over the last few decades International Trade has increased and manufacturing has become more global with developing, emerging & transition economies connecting with international supply & value chains. Logistics network is continuously changing and is more complex than ever before. The need to control costs, meet sustainability goals, and satisfy internal & external customer demands requires new thinking. No matter what product/s a company is dealing in, delivering to the right customers, at the right time and at the optimal cost is crucial. This requires total visibility into transport systems and the power to measure and manage all key performance indicators.


Using the cheapest mode of logistics can backfire and result into significantly higher damages, costs or delivery delays. Delays can also result from events caused by economic and political volatility or natural disasters. Too often, ad hoc attempts to cope with these complexities and increased transit times lead to uncoordinated and often unwise decisions, operational inefficiencies, higher logistics costs, and eroding sales, profit margins and customer service. Therefore it is important to make the optimal choice with respect to the logistical systems even though sometimes it may incur slightly higher costs.


At Wiltex Limited, Logistics is managed with a synchronized, cross-functional and strategic approach. The days of running a business on manual processes, silos of information and paper-based spreadsheets held within discrete functional departments are long gone. At Wiltex, the process automation, enterprise-wide integration, and real-time information flow provided by today’s advanced technology software applications are utilized to achieve a perfect supply chain visibility from end to end. This is achieved by maintaining close communication and collaboration with factories, forwarders, logistics providers, brokers and other partners across multiple geographies and process touch points. This real-time information regarding exact position of the consignment is continuously provided to customers, assisting them to plan their sales strategies well in advance.


Great pains are taken to ensure that the goods are delivered in specified packages in good condition eliminating risks of damage, pilferage or breakage. Pre-shipment inspections & verifications are strategically undertaken to ensure that all merchandise is properly labeled and sufficiently marked thereby facilitating its sorting & onward processing on arrival at the customer’s warehouse. State-of-the art approach is undertaken in preparation of detailed shipping documents albeit taking customer’s instructions fully under consideration & are dispatched well in advance of the arrival of the cargo at the destination.


Hard earned, long term experience has taught Wiltex Limited that a well-executed, fully integrated transportation, logistics and trade management plan using the right solutions and implementation partners can produce impressive results. This includes increased visibility and agility, reduced logistics costs, lower financial risk, shorter lead times and optimized synchronization and significantly improved profit margins for customers.