About Us


Wiltex Limited, a dynamic trading house, was established in 1993 in Hong Kong which was then a British Colony. One of the best Financial Centers of the world, Hong Kong has ample opportunities to offer in various service industries such as Banking, Logistics, Information Technology etc. A free trade port with lax foreign exchange & trade regulations, Hong Kong was the most ideal launching springboard for Wiltex Limited.

With a successful start, the company quickly moved forward with an expansion by establishing a Branch office in Taipei, Taiwan in 1994 and with the fast upcoming of China as a manufactory of the world, established a China Liaison office in the city of Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China in 2006. The personal presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China has ensured excellent banking, finance etc & sourcing of quality products, equipments & materials with competitive prices as well as ensuring on-the-spot factory visits and physical inspections & quality control. Overall, Wiltex Limited established themselves as a complete & dynamic Trading House.



Wiltex Limited predominantly specializes in exports to East, Central & South African countries as well as United Kingdom, Portugal, Mauritius, Madagascar, Fiji Islands, Curacao etc. With its strong contacts developed over the years, the company has the capability to source and supply from various Far Eastern countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan etc.



The company specialises in a wide variety of industrial requirements like mining equipments and supplies, hardwares & tools, building materials, chemicals, machineries, electrical parts & accessories, automobiles, agricultural equipments, sanitary wares etc. Apart from these industrial supplies, the company also has vast experience and rich sources for supply of all kinds of consumer products like footwear, textiles, home/office & industrial furnitures, garments & its accessories, household electricals & electronics, travelling goods, household kitchen wares & cook wares, office & school stationery products, festive decoration products, gift & promotion items & various sundry & daily consumer products.

The company prides itself in its sourcing, supply & after sales service for various whole plant turnkey factory projects for products like footwear, garments, plastic & other petrochemical by-products extrusion products, industrial packaging, food products, travelling bags & luggage etc. Feasibility & market reports, production cost schedules, plant layout, expert know-how etc. are all provided upon specific requests. Importance is given to a thoroughly professional approach in the complete process of supply & installation/set-up of all machines to a reliable after sales service & uninterrupted prompt supply of raw materials & spares.

The Company prides itself in offering a professional step-by-step service to its valued customers as follows:

  • To ensure that the goods are produced as per the ordered specifications & samples and delivered within the committed time frame.
  • To ensure that orders are placed only with reputed manufacturers and strictly adhere to all aspects of quality control.
  • To inspect quality during production run & after its completion to ensure strict compliance to the ordered specifications thus saving time & money.
  • To ensure the goods are packed in good condition thereby eliminating risks of damage, pilferage or breakage.
  • To ensure that the products are shipped through an acceptable & reputable logistics company as per instructions from the clients’.
  • To ensure that the merchandise is properly labeled and marked thereby facilitating it’s sorting & onward processing on arrival at the warehouse of the client.
  • To ensure that proper shipping documents are prepared as per clients’ instructions and dispatch them well in advance of arrival of the cargo at the destination.
  • To ensure that proper communication is maintained with the client during all above process with timely dispatch of information, shipment samples & various documents.



The values & unique approach to business has helped Wiltex Limited to develop a style synonymous with success. The company leads the industry in client satisfaction, trust, competitiveness & recognition in global achievements. The steady growth, success & achievements are largely owed to over 30 years’ of experience in the import & export business of its management team. This depth of knowledge of clients’ business problems, the trends impacting their markets, the economic/financial situation & the geo-political know how to its management team has given Wiltex Limited, a high degree of credibility and respect specifically in the African markets.

The company enjoys tremendous support & irrefutable trust of major suppliers in the Far Eastern region especially in China & Taiwan due to its strong fundamentals & impeccable credibility to meet its obligations being consistent for over 30 years. This relationship has assisted to create a win-win situation for the Company’s suppliers as well as customers.

A high degree of specialization & professionalism is adopted in sourcing the best possible manufacturers for the required materials/equipments. An experienced team based in the China office physically visits various factories, takes interviews, and professionally tests materials/equipments to ensure the best possible source of supply.

The company also holds Sole Trading Agencies for Africa region of several famous brands of products.



Wiltex Limited has been dedicated in providing customers with a unique and diversified range of products and services. The company has maintained a distinct mark as a reputed & world known exporter & manufacturer’s representative in various products. The name “WILTEX” stands for RELIABILITY & TRUST in quality and service & where customers’ interest is of prime importance and this is exactly what we aim to reflect in our profession. With its advanced technical standards, extensive global contacts & efficient goods-delivery system, all business is executed according to strict specifications and time management.

Since the company has specialized in this business field for a very long time it has succeeded in building strong relationship with both its customers as well as suppliers. The professional approach and priority to a high degree of customer satisfaction commitment has ensured lasting & successful relationships with all its business partners. This has enabled Wiltex Limited to become a true leader in this competitive age, a reliable source & a trustworthy partner. This is one of the reasons the company enjoys unparalleled patronization & trust of several major industries, import companies, government concerns & business houses. 



Wiltex Limited is a member of Indian Chamber of Commerce Hongkong since 2005.