Quality Control/Assurance is essential to ensuring services are developed, delivered and managed to meet or exceed customer requirements. In the services environment, Quality Control/Assurance presents unique challenges to prevent deficiencies before they can impact service delivery. The development of a strong quality program hinges on a complete understanding of both customer requirements and expectations.


In today’s highly competitive age, price factor has gained a lot of importance to conduct a sustainable business. However we believe that an element more important than the price factor is “Quality assurance & control”. This is a region where Wiltex Limited has gained considerable trust of their customers worldwide.


The ISO standard defines inspection as an “activity of measuring, examining, testing one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing the results with specified requirements in order to establish whether conformity is achieved for each characteristic.” Our experienced team of quality controllers ensures adherence to this standard for all initial (pre-order inspection) as well as pre-shipment inspections. Apart from the quality, compliance to branding, packaging, assortment & finally loading of the container are also ensured to meet customers’ requirements. In most cases, random samples are collected and submitted to renowned multinational inspection companies like SGS, Intertek etc for professional evaluation and assurance of conformity to accepted standards. Official test reports are secured from these inspection companies and submitted to the customer together with shipping documents.


Wiltex Limited has been dedicated in providing customers with a unique Quality Control & Assurance system and as a result the company has maintained a distinct mark as a reputed & world known exporter & manufacturer’s representative. Throughout the inspection & testing process, effective customer communication is maintained to ensure satisfaction in all areas of execution and delivery.


The name “WILTEX” stands for RELIABILITY, TRUST & ASSURANCE in quality and service & where customers’ interest is of prime importance and this is exactly what we aim to reflect in our profession. With its advanced technical standards, extensive global contacts & efficient goods-delivery system, all business is executed according to strict specifications, professional quality control/assurance & stringent time management.