In this superfast age of communication, literally dozens of websites & search engines are readily available. The sites look convincing making outrageous promises of supplying the finest products & services, which in reality proves otherwise. Today, the amount of money involved in the Sourcing game is so large that for example when visiting China just about anybody (bar tenders, hotel staff, exchange students, tour guides, translators, friend of friends and even cab drivers) will offer to be your source in hopes of making a quick buck. BUYER BEWARE! At Wiltex Limited, with our personal presence, we have a high degree of specialization & professionalism in sourcing the best possible manufacturers for our customers.


An experienced team based in China office follows the most stringent standards by physically visiting various factories/suppliers, taking interviews, and professionally testing materials/equipments to ensure an optimum source of supply. Stress is specifically given to ensure that the source is a direct manufacturer instead of a vendor or a middle-man.

The company enjoys tremendous support & irrefutable trust of major suppliers in the Far Eastern region especially in China & Taiwan due to its strong fundamentals and impeccable credibility to meet its obligations being consistent for over 30 years. Our huge data base of tried & tested, trustworthy and flawless manufacturers and suppliers ensures the most perfect sourcing for our customers. The company has highly trained professionals who regularly attend the most diverse trade shows in China, Taiwan & Far Eastern countries to ensure a regular & up-to-date addition of contacts to its data base.


The company regularly analyses & closely follows various industrial & trade data’s to ensure availability of most advanced statistical information to decide on the optimum sector of sourcing.
Our highly dependable sourcing capabilities to source products, raw materials, machineries and all other requirements at most competitive prices & excellent quality, gives us an edge over other exporters.